We are qualified to offer advice on BIM for all organisations, including training, implementation, support, team selection or bid assistance, and can provide Project Information Management services.

What is BIM?

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a fully collaborative process, involving the use of 3D models, containing embedded data prepared by all members of the design team, which are shared during design development to ensure a co-ordinated digital version of the building. Its revolutionary approach reduces design co-ordination errors and clashes between building elements, and provides a single resource with all information for the building’s construction and subsequent operation in one location. There is a lot of information regarding BIM available online. If you would like to know more without becoming tangled in the jargon, we would be pleased to chat things over with you.

BIM Consultancy Services

As BIM filters through the industry to a wide range of sectors and projects, we understand the need for independent and qualified advice and services. Our Director (Colin Hastie) is a BRE Certified Practitioner in BIM, specifically Project Information Management. Colin is also a BIM Member of the BRE Academy and buildingSMART, ensuring we remain up to date with standards and requirements in this evolving field.

BIM Services

  • Training and Awareness
  • 1-hour “Introduction to BIM” CPD available to be delivered at your office
  • Advanced training on BIM standards and procedures
  • Staff training on BIM authoring software
  • Team training for projects on standards, software or procedures

BIM Implementation Advice

  • Review your organisation’s structure and existing policies/ procedures
  • Assess what steps you could take to move towards BIM
  • Discuss the benefits of BIM to your organisation
  • Present pros and cons, likely costs, timescales and other factors to consider

Team Selection Assistance

  • Preparing tender documents or PQQ questions related to BIM
  • Help select consultants or contractors for BIM projects
  • Assessing IT, resource or BIM capability submissions from tenderers
  • Reviewing Pre-Contract BIM Execution Plan documents

Develop a BIM Strategy

  • Assess the current level of BIM adoption across your organisation
  • Work with you to develop a plan to reach Level 2 in small, easy to handle steps
  • Provide support, training and assistance through the strategy period
  • Discuss ongoing and future needs, ensuring these are provided

Preparing Information Requirements

  • Work with you to prepare Organisational Information Requirements
  • Help determine what information you need from a BIM process/ model
  • Preparation of Employer's Information Requirements for specific projects
  • Preparing robust client documents prior to tender

BIM Journey Support

  • Ensuring things stay on track during your adoption of BIM
  • Check compliance with the relevant BS and PAS documentation
  • Provide assistance and training, address any issues that arise
  • Responding to queries quickly to reduce your downtime

Bid Assistance and Support

  • Assisting preparation of tender/ bid submissions
  • Contributing to team experience and qualifications, providing CVs if required
  • Supporting and enhancing tendering teams for BIM projects
  • Preparing Pre-Contract BIM Execution Plan documentation

Information Management/ BIM Manager Services

  • Qualified to provide Project Information Manager services on projects
  • BRE Certified Practitioner in the Project Information Manger role
  • Involvement can follow CIC role description, or be more bespoke
  • More advanced and bespoke “BIM Manager” service

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